Il Brenta racconta: storia, arte, cultura, moda.

Cruising among the Venetian Islands

Discover one of the most intriguing and fascinating sides of Venice!


At 08.30am: Boarding at Fusina Terminal dock.
At 09.30am: Arrival at the Island of the Armenians and visit (optional, entrance fee 6,00 € p.p),  to the monastery founded in the 17th century.
  It represents one of the most important Armenian cultural sites in the world where it will be possible to visit and admire the art gallery, two libraries, an archaeology museum other than a priceless collection of manuscripts.  The Island gave hospitality to the poet Lord Byron. The cruise continues towards SAN GIORGIO’s Island, in ancient times known as the Island of  Cypresses. The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore is one of Andrea Palladio’s most important sacred architectural works. It was started in 1566 and finished in 1610 by architect Simon Sorella.
• at 1.00pm,  on board lunch with typical Venetian cuisine dishes.
• After lunch, arrival at MURANO Island. Visit to one of the most interesting glass factories accompanied by the comments of a glass master.
 Navigation towards the LAZZARETTO NUOVO island (entrance fee € 3,50 p.p.), which is situated in front of the Island of St. Erasmo, in the central part of the lagoon.
  Archaeological foundings like arrowheads,  prove the presence of man already during the Bronze Age, although the first written document dates back to the year 1015. The island got its present name in 1468, when a decree of the Serenissima Republic decided the build here a “lazaret” (hospital for contagious diseases), to keep under medical control all those men and goods suspected to convey the plague. It was named “NUOVO” (new), to distinguish it from the OLD one, which already existed and was placed in the Southern Lagoon, by the Lido, where the disease was cured.

 This was considered such a particular and dangerous place, that a ship placed before the entrance to the “Lazaret”, showed a flag indicating the limit beyond which it was forbidden to proceed. This island was then used for military purposes during the First World War and was dismantled in 1975.