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How to Celebrate the 2023-2024 New Year in Venice


Spending New Year's Eve in Venice is a special and unforgettable experience that every traveller who loves Italy should experience once in their life. As you know, there is no other city in the world like Venice! Well, now imagine what it must be like to walk through its streets and bridges decorated with Christmas lights.

Impossible not to fall in love!

Although this famous city is not exactly the party capital of Italy, it is still possible to find cool and fun plans to do during the night of December 31. 

In addition, if you are thinking of doing some romantic activities with your partner, you will also have the chance of fulfilling your desires.

Don't worry, we will immediately reveal all the secrets to enjoying New Year's Eve in Venice, and to organizing a trip to this city well on these important dates.

The end-of-the-year celebrations represent the moment when Venice reaches the maximum number of tourists (on par with the carnival), with tourists coming from all over the world to enjoy this spectacle. 
The wide variety of visitors from all continents makes the air even more magical than what Venice usually offers. From the first days of December, especially on December 8, the streets and businesses of the city dress up for Christmas celebrations.

The highlight of the New Year's party in Venice (or New Year's Eve) is marked by the fireworks, shot from the boats lined up in front of St. Mark's Square, with the lights reflected in the waters of the lagoon and in the eyes of thousands of people who have come to admire them. New Year's Eve in Venice is one of those experiences that you must live at least once in your life!


This is how the end of the year is celebrated in Venice

Fireworks in San Marco square


NYE Dinner Cruise in Venice