Il Brenta racconta: storia, arte, cultura, moda.



Villa Foscarini-Rossi was built in t he 17th century in the municipality of Strà, between Venice and Padua alonf the Riviera del Brenta and not far from Villa Pisani. According to the aristocratic use of the time, the Foscarini family called illustrious architects, like Vincenzo Scamozzi, Francesco Contini, Giuseppe Jappelli and famous painters and decorators like Pietro Liberi e Domenico de Bruni, to build and decorate a country home capable to tell the whole importance of their family which could count on an admiral of the Serenissima Republic-Capitano da Mar -and a Doge.

The Villa, the frescoed guesthouse and the garden are today a perfect location for important cultural and social events, fabulous weddings, meetings and conventions.


This Villa has first been the quiet country home of Geloramo Bernardo, famous for having negotiated the peace between France and England, thus achieving the highest honours by King Henry the VIII.

Then it became the favourite country home of Procurator Marco Foscarini, who was elected Doge in 1752 (probably thanks to a bribe!). He built there a house for the coral working (which was demolished after his death).

In 1773 one of its most appreciated guests was Gaspare Gozzi, he used to pass there long holidays and during one of these he wrote the famous “Sermon”, satirically describing the lax morals of the Venetian nobles during the 17th century and those of Francesco Maria III, Duke of Modena. 

Another illustrious guest of this marvellous mansion was Luigi Negrelli, the engineer who designed the Suez opening of the isthmus.

A popular legend tells that during solstice summer nights on years ending with number zero or five, the ghost of a Venetian noble lady who had lived in villa for some time: Lady Emma, wanders about the rooms of the Villa, slamming doors and windows.


The villa was founded in the 16th century; it was restored in the Palladian style thanks to Andrea  and Alvise Foscarini and finished in the 18th century.

The Boathouse was built on a project by Vincenzo Scamozzi and frescoed in 1652 by the Brescian Domenico Bruni with a refined play of architectural perspectives and by Pietro Liberi famous for his  mythological and allegorical works. It is said that the artist love affair with the noble lady Chiara Foscarini, was discovered thanks to one of his works which reproduced the lady in unequivocal poses! The villa is also famous for its perfect acoustics. As of today no loudspeakers are needed during concerts.

The grand salon of this Venetian Villa was frescoed in the 1700 in honour of the marriage of G. Battista Foscarini, while in the 1800 some Jappelli students frescoed some other rooms in a romantic Pompeian style. The huge, perfect garden is disseminated with various and valuable statues.

The Monument and Fine Arts office of Venice, restored the Bruni’s frescoes, which had been damaged during World War II. Also the finely redecorated guesthouse offers the visitors interesting views of the central tympanum and its statues on top.


Footwear symbolizes the Riviera del Brenta craftmanship and Villa Foscarini houses two permanent exhibitions:

The "Author Footwear Collection" exhibition displays the most representative models of ROSSIMODA footwear production during 50 years of activity and the visitor can admire some of women’s luxury footwear especially produced for some of the most famous Italian, French and American designers on the international scene (Fendi, Genny, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Ungaro, Anne Klein, Richard Tyler, Vera Wang, etc.). The second exhibition displays  the Villa owner’s own modern art collection.


Educational art laboratories are organized by the Museum and are different according to the class grade; these activities can be personalized on teachers and students demand.


Via Doge Pisani 1 30039 Strà (Ve) 

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You can visit: The interiors, the Footwear Museum, the frescoed guesthouse and the garden

From April to October:

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: 9am – 12.30am / 2.30pm – 6pm

Saturday: 2pm – 6pm

Sundays and holidays: 2.30pm 3.30pm 4.30pm 5.30pm guided visits only, Easter Monday, 25th April , 1st May, 2nd June: open

On August 15th and on the Sundays of august only: closed.

Visiting hours during the months of January, February, March, November and December: 

from Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pm

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: closed.

Closed from Christmas to Epiphany.


Full Fare € 5,00
Groups(at least 15 people) €3,50
Reduced-rate ticket for young people from 12/18 years and over  65 € 2,50
Children 0/12 free