Il Brenta racconta: storia, arte, cultura, moda.

A River of Style – Fashion and Craftsmanship

The shoe district at the Riviera del Brenta represents the excellence of luxury shoe manufacturing worldwide, a tradition which dates back to the 17th century, when Venetian nobles reached the Riviera to buy their own custom made shoes. At that time the shoes here produced were already renowned for the elegance and the style.

Quality, accuracy, refinery and a particular care during all phases of the production cycle (partly because still hand-crafted), characterise these companies, which are today about 720 and which have become the right partner to the fashion industry. The most exclusive brands have chosen the Riviera del Brenta as their production headquarters. 

A River of Style – Fashion and Craftsmanship

Skilled craftswomen produce in the Riviera del Brenta beautiful custom made personalized hand bags.

Vetreria Artistica Rosa

Via G.Ferraris 04 - Spinea VE
Tel. 0415410868

Renato Angi Boutique

Via Provinciale Nord 89 Fossò Venezia
da martedi' a sabato 9.30 /12.30 - 15.30 /19.30
Hotel via dell’Artigianato, Fossò, Venezia
Tel. +39 041 4165442

Krios design trasparente

Via Artigiani 27

Camponogara, Venezia

041 462357

Prearo Lampadari

Via Marghera, 20
30010 Lughetto di Campagna Lupia Venezia
Tel +39 0415185453