Il Brenta racconta: storia, arte, cultura, moda.

A River of Wonders – The surroundings

Art cities, walled cities, little suburbs, splendid countryside, nature, wine-yards, Venetian villas art and culture, culinary traditions: this is what offers the territory by the River Brenta. Give yourself a marvellous day out at the discovery of the Veneto region and its traditions.

Venice:  The Serenissima, the Unique one, where each panoramic view is a discovery.

Chioggia: known as the “little Venice”, to the south of the Venetian lagoon

The spas and the Euganean Hills: relaxing, marvellous excursions through suggestive suburbs.

Enjoy culture, lots of sunshine and relaxing baths at one of the surrounding beaches:
The Lido of Venice, Jesolo beach and Sottomarina beach.

Tours in Venice

Contemporary Venice:

Choose your tour (2 h) among:

      Ca’ Pesaro (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum)

      Peggy Guggenheim Collection

      Punta della Dogana

      Vedova’s Foundation

Walking by the Grand Canal

The tour begins at the Calatrava’s bridge and ends at Saint Mark’s. Three-hour  tour (max 35 people)

Saint Mark’s Square:

Visit to the Doge’s Palace, the Jails, Saint Mark’s and the Golden Altarpiece (ca. 2 h)


Decay and luxury at the sunset of the Republic, between fashion and furnishings (3 h)

Accademia Gallery

The pearls of the Venetian painting between XIII and XVIII century (ca. 2 h)


A tour to discover a lot of precious religious artworks (2 h)

The Ghetto and the Campo dei Mori

Histories about inclusions and exlusions of the Jewish and other populations in Venice

 (2 h)

Art in churches

Some of the most beautiful treasures are hidden inside the churches (about 2 h)

Trip to the islands

Trip to the islands of the fascinating Northern lagoon   

Murano, Burano  e Torcello

( 5 h)

Visit the Shoe Museum

Visit the Rossimoda Shoe Museum in Villa Foscarini-Rossi (Stra) and the frescoed  Foresteria (1 hour)

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