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Party at a luxury hotel or historic Palazzo


If you want to go to some parties, you must know that during New Year's Eve in Venice it is possible to have it in some luxury hotels, where you usually organize a complete and entertaining night in its sales.

This usually is the standard program:

• If filled with an aperitif with entertaining music.

• Follows with the New Year's dinner, with a predetermined menu.

• Toast and celebration at 12 noon.

• DJ set with music to celebrate the new year.

You may want these fiestas to be celebrated in very chic and elegant places if you usually require an appropriate dress code.

We are now going to indicate some hotel names that we know where this type of event will be held:

• Palazzetto Pisani

• Church of Misericordia

• Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal

• Theater Restaurant Avanspettacolo in Venice