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The Venice Redentore Festival 

The Venice Redentore Festival is one of the most famous events in Venice, awaited by locals  and enjoyed by tourists who flock to watch the magnificent Venice fireworks and to live this unique experience. 

Every year it attracts more and more tourists curious to experience first hand one of the oldest festivals in Venice and to watch a world-famous fireworks display.

The Redentore festival is the perfect combination of fun, tradition and authenticity. 

At sunset in the Giudecca Canal, thousands of boats lit and with their many colours decorate the lagoon and the canal.
This is one of the most unique and authentic festivals in the world. it is a party of colours, friends, music, food and obviously prosecco, all under the moon and the magic of Venice at night.

The Venice Redentore night program remains the same even  after many years: Venetians dine together and enjoy the local specialties – pasta and beans, sardines in sauce and plenty of wine – accompanied by music and dancing to get to the highlight of the festival, the amazing Venice fireworks of the Redentore

The Venice Redentore fireworks offer a brilliant and unbelievable show, creating an unique atmosphere making the city even more magical.
The festival starts around 11.30 pm and ends after midnight. The most privileged position to be during the festival is on a Venetian boat while being immersed by the atmosphere of party and the fireworks display.

At the end of the fireworks show, the Redentore Regatta continues by boat along the Grand Canal or the Venice Lido to watch the sunrise from the beach.
In addition to the Redentore fireworks show on Saturday night.

Sunday, after Saturday's madness, there is the Redentore's Regatta, where hundreds boats parade through the Giudecca's canal.

Watch the video of the last Redentore Festival

Redentore festival: Cruise and dinner on board

 Fireworks Cruise and dinner on board

Venice 16 July 2022

Redentore Cruise with dinner in Burano Island

Saturday 16th July

Redentore fireworks