Il Brenta racconta: storia, arte, cultura, moda.

How to reach the Riviera del Brenta


By car:

 Take State Road nr. 11 from  Padova to Mestre-Venezia or Motorway A4 exit Padova-Est - Dolo - Mestre or the State Road Romea from Ravenna to Malcontenta.



    By bus:



    The Riviera del Brenta can be reached by bus through the public service offered by ACTV, leaving every 15-30 minutes from Venice (Piazzale Roma), Mestre (Piazza XXVII Ottobre), Mirano (via Barche) or from Padova (bus station by Piazzale Boschetti). Further information on routes and timetables can be found on ACTV’s web site.




    By train:



    The Riviera del Brenta can easily be reached by train: from Padova railway station you can get to different little towns along the Riviera by local trains, which stop at Mestre, Vigonza-Pianiga, Dolo, Mira-Mirano. The second local route Venice-Adria, stops at Oriago, Mira Buse, Casello 11, Campagna Lupia - Camponogara, Casello 8, Bojon, Campolongo Maggiore train stations.



    By plane:



    The Marco Polo International Airport at Tessera, is located 7 kilometres from  Mestre.

    The airport of Venice is well served by public transports taking to the Venezia-Mestre railway station. From there local trains leaves daily to the stations of Mestre, Vigonza-Pianiga, Dolo, Mira-Mirano. 

     Canova Airport in Treviso

    located about 40 kilometres from Mira





    By boat:


    From the Riviera to Venice and Viceversa

    The Burchiello links Venice to the Riviera del Brenta and vice versa, from March to October alternatively.

    From Venice and the Lagoon with access at Fusina, near Marghera.

    Fusina Venice Terminal ferry service every hour starting from 8.00 am.

    From June to September, service to Alberoni beach. 



    By Triceratops:



    If you owns a Triceratops or any other prehistoric animal, we imagine the difficulty in riding and teaching him, so it will be useless telling him the right direction to the Riviera del Brenta!!!