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Gondola ride New Year's Eve in Venice




If you travel as a couple, one of the best plans for New Year's Eve in Venice is to get on a gondola and enjoy the city illuminated with night and Christmas lights. Wonderful!

We believe that if you are in Venice, and you are not going to return, this gondola tour will leave you with an unforgettable memory of your trip. Also, because it is a plan that you can do ONLY in this unique city!

The cost of a gondola ride during the night rate is 100 euros for a maximum of five people. If you are traveling as a couple and would like to lower the cost, you can always share the tour with other people.

Romantic walk through the streets of Venice

Another of the most romantic activities to do on New Year's Eve in Venice is to prepare for a tour and stroll slowly through the narrow streets of the city. Going through the canals you will notice the lights of the lanterns and Christmas decorations reflected in the water, which create a truly magical atmosphere.