Il Brenta racconta: storia, arte, cultura, moda.


Villa Goetzen, once a gambling house, has become, since 1995, one of the most famous restaurants of the Province of Venice. 

The warm atmosphere of the hall, the romantic terrace on the River, the private dock, the special care for details and a perfect service will welcome you and will accompany you during the entire evening. 

The chef Massimiliano and his brother Christian, learnt professionalism from ancient family traditions; they personally run and decide on each dish, from the ingredients to the display.

Their cuisine mixes together the old Venetian tradition with contemporary recipes, ingredients , flavours and spices from near and far lands, like the cardamom, exotic fruits, a wide selection of salts and coffees from the world mixed with excellent fish from the Adriatic Sea.

This is certainly an invitation to a guided, high and professional tasting evening.

The wine chart is with no doubts rich and attentive to reserve wines of renowned wine shops, both national and international. 

Every recipe draws inspiration from old memories and is at the same time re-interpreted and offered in many different ways.

Superb the ham selection and great the marinated gilthead on guava jam or the marinated mullet with cardamom and pomegranate sorbet.


Marinated gilthead on guava jam,

marinated mullet with cardamom and pomegranate sorbet.

Sicily Red prawn marinated with passion fruit, honey and toasted cocoa beams 

Bi-color dumplings on pumpkin cream by Simone (a friend, who is also a supplier), Scardovari mussels with coffee powder.

The classic daily fresh grilled fish (local soles, scallops, little cuttlefish etc ) 

Cheatnut mousse in khakis sauce

€ 65 Drinks excluded


The Chef Appetizer

First course à la carte

Main course à la carte

A glasso f wine

Water and coffee

€ 30 

Booking is advisable, specifying the favorite option.


From 30,00 € Drinks excluded.


Hotel Ristorante Villa Goetzen
Via Matteotti 2/c
30031 Dolo (VE)
Tel.0039  0415102300

Close on: Thursdays

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