Il Brenta racconta: storia, arte, cultura, moda.


While planning your holidays in Italy you can decide to learn how to cook italian food, to keep a part of Italy with them forever

We offer you the chance to take part in cookery lessons inside a charming Villa along the “Riviera del Brenta” or in a typical lunch tasting

We propose different you different packages, such as:
- only lessons
- lessons and hospitality
- lessons hospitality and local tours

Cookery school teaches our guests how to prepare some delicious dishes and taste local wines. If you want we can also plan to visit a winery or a distillery
Cooking experience can be totally personalized! And it is suitable also to become an incentive for a company

During the lessons you’ll learn to prepare:

Home-made pasta, tortellini and gnocchi

•Our best dressings for pasta (ragù, carbonara, ammatriciana and more)


•Delicious plates of fish

•Typical meat second courses and vegetables

•Traditional cakes (tiramisu, chocolate salami, strudel…)

If  you aren’t interested in cooking but only in tasting, we organize “lunch with the cook”.

While seating around the big table in our beautiful kitchen, you have the chance to:

eat in a very informal (quite familiar) atmosphere
try many of our typical dishes
see our cook in “action”
talk about the food and its tradition
listen to some anectodes about the “Riviera del Brenta” history