Il Brenta racconta: storia, arte, cultura, moda.

The Palladian Villas

The Palladian Villas .. A River of Arts

The Venetian aristocracy used to have their summer villas built alongside the River Brenta, a natural extension of the Grand Canal.
An extraordinary historical, cultural and artistic setting where the harmonious connection between architecture and landscape is still considerable.

Dante, Palladio, Tiepolo, Canaletto,  Goldoni, Goethe, Byron, Jappelli and many other illustrious artists have sang, played, painted and contributed with their art to the beauty and originality of this land.

The 200 and more  
venetians villas, facing the River Brenta, surrounded by their majestic parks are today an interesting set for guided tours, exhibitions and international events.

Hospitality and good restaurants: this is what conquer the most demanding clientele.

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Villa Pisani, also named The Nazionale, is certainly one of the most famous examples of Venetian Villa along the Brenta banks. It is situated in the municipality of Stra, in the province of Venice and it develops on bend in the river Brenta, extending on a surface of 11 hectars and an external perimeter of 1500 meters.


Villa Foscarini-Rossi was built in t he 17th century in the municipality of Strà, between Venice and Padua alonf the Riviera del Brenta and not far from Villa Pisani. According to the aristocratic use of the time, the Foscarini family called illustrious architects, like Vincenzo Scamozzi, Francesco Contini, Giuseppe Jappelli and famous painters and decorators like Pietro Liberi e Domenico de Bruni, to build and decorate a country home capable to tell the whole importance of their family which could count on an admiral of the Serenissima Republic-Capitano da Mar -and a Doge.


Villa Badoer Fattoretto, a mansion dating back to the first half of the 18th century, is located in the municipality of San Bruson, between Via Badoera and Via E.Tito, behind the River Brenta. It was the summer residence of the Badoer family and till 1945 was the home of baron Von Chantal. 


Villa Sceriman, Foscari Widmann-Rezzonico is located in the municipality of Mira along the Riviera del Brenta at a site known as  “La Riscossa”.

The Province of Venice is the current owner of this spectacular villa which houses exhibitions as well as cultural and social events. 


Villa Foscari known as “ La Malcontenta” is the only one built by the famous architect Palladio along the Riviera del Brenta. It’s situated in the municipality of Malcontenta, near Mira and it still preserves the original architecture facing the waters of the Brenta River. In 1973 it returned to the Foscari family and in 1993 it was listed by UNESCO as a  world heritage site



Villa Veneta in località Cà Tron che prende il nome dallo scomparso Palazzo Tron opera di A. De Gaspari: ne rimane la cappella gentilizia a pianta ottagonale dedicata alla Madonna del Carmine, al cui interno si trovano affreschi secenteschi, un ricco altare marmoreo e tre statue attribuite ad A. Marinali...


The Alessandri boathouse dates back to the 17th century and is situated in the municipality of Mira, on the left bank of the River Brenta, by the namesake villa. It’s an “L” shaped building, still preserving on the shorter side, a series of important frescoes commissioned by Cesare Alessandri in 1704 to the painter Antonio Pellegrini (Venice 1675-1741). These frescoes can be seen in three rooms of the noble floor.



Il complesso architettonico di Villa Valmarana sorge in una delle anse più suggestive e scenografiche del Brenta. Prende il nome della famosa famiglia Veneziana che per tutto il '700 vi organizzò feste e soggiorni estivi.


Villa Cappello is situated on a street known as the “the route of love”, since local young people in the past and many tourists now-a-days, meet here to make their love promises. This is probably in memory of Bianca Cappello, the beautiful daughter of Bartolomeo Cappello, who met her lover here secretly.


Questa Villa Veneta, di origine cinquecentesca, è costituita da due fabbricati che si fronteggiano.
Entrambi con pianta veneziana e grandi trifore archivoltate.

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